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Park C July 5, 2004 01:30

just let me know Donor-Cell method
hello.. i'm graduate student who study CFD. i just wonder what is Donor-cell method.. exactly we used this scheme at the convection term...But i don't kwow what scheme does and what is analogy. please let me know this scheme.. thanks. attention for my question. have a good day..

Junseok Kim July 5, 2004 02:27

Re: just let me know Donor-Cell method
Check the book, it explains details of Donor-cell method.

M. Griebel, T. Dornseifer, and T. Neunhoeffer. Numerical Simulation in Fluid Dynamics, a Practical Introduction. SIAM, Philadelphia, 1998.

Also you can their their website for the code.

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