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Maciej Matyka July 6, 2004 18:12

central, upwind, UTOPIA, staggered grids
I am looking for good reference for convection terms discretisation and stabilization methods, mean about comparison of central differences, upwind (on staggered grids). I work with incompressible, free surface flows (SIMPLE, MAC).

Hope to get some reply this time..

Best Regards, Maciej Matyka

frederic felten July 8, 2004 13:47

Re: central, upwind, UTOPIA, staggered grids
Hi there,

Check the work of Morinishi et al. (Journal of Computational Physics, 2 articles: 1998 and 2004).

The purpose of these 2 articles is to show that if you use a Kinetic Energy Conservative Scheme (it is possible to do so with the staggered mesh scheme), then you don't need any dissipation (or a dissipative scheme) to stabilize the code!! This is of great importance when you deal with turbulent flows (for example using LES modeling) since even the slightest amount of dissipation has a negative impact on the solution.

If hope this helps. Sincerely,

Frederic Felten.

Maciej Matyka July 8, 2004 14:02

Re: central, upwind, UTOPIA, staggered grids
Ok, will try this, it will be interesting to have solution without any stabilisation procedures.

Thank you.

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