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sanmysterio July 12, 2010 12:17

Body forces on hovering airfoil
hii am solving a dynamic mesh case in which my flow is stationary and airfoil is performing hovering motion now i have given inlet velocity as 0 since flow is stationary but i want to calculate body forces due to motion of airfoil in fluid.
please kindly suggest what should be done in order to calculate lift and drag on body
thank you

hectorgabriel85 July 13, 2010 03:14

I've never modelled a hovering airfoil, let's see if my comments make sense for you.
Probably you need to perform transient analysis. I was thinking to do a steady state analysis for simplicity but I cannot find any way of doing it.
Then you need to assign a predefined velocity to the wing according to the hovering trajectory you want. Probably all the points will have the same velocity at a given time if we consider the airfoil totally rigid. If the airfoil deforms substantially, you may need fluid-structure interaction.
Hope it makes sense.

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