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CFDtoy July 12, 2004 15:56

Peric Code Output
Hello All,

I tried using Peric code and did not know what was the format of the output files ? The program compiled and run asks for output files...what is the extension of those files ?



CFDtoy July 12, 2004 19:20

How to Use Peric's CFD Code
I think Peric Code doesnt sound right as such. I downloaded Milovan Peric's CFD Code and ran it for a 2D Lid Driven Cavity problem. I wasnt sure how to address the results. The problem was in giving the name of the output file since I did not know the kinda output the progrm used to visualize the data.


anindya July 13, 2004 00:35

Re: How to Use Peric's CFD Code
You should find the code plot.f in peric's website. This takes as input the data which is output from the solvers written by peric (for example your 2d lid problem). Plot.f will read the output file and generate vector and contour plots (I believe only postscript format).

Otherwise you can easily modify the solver output format (if you know f77) to generate output suitable for say tecplot, etc.

CFdtoy July 13, 2004 11:38

Re: How to Use Peric's CFD Code
Hi Anindya

Thanks for the reply. If you have used the Peric's Code, What is the name of the output file that you enter while running the code?

That would clear my doubts.

Thanks for your help and time


anindya July 15, 2004 08:33

Re: How to Use Peric's CFD Code
Please read the readme file. I believe it explains clearly what the output files will be. There are different output files, ex name.out (residuals, etc, monitored value), name.x (postprocessing) etc, where name is the name of the files you prepared as input (name.gin, name.cin,

Sanjib Das Sharma August 5, 2004 15:20

Re: How to Use Peric's CFD Code
I am trying to run Prof. Peric's code. But do not know how to include the *.inp files along with the *.f files.I am using a g77 compiler. A quick reply would be well appreciated.

Sanjib Das Sharma August 5, 2004 16:38

How to Visualise the results from Perics Code
How do I visualise the results obtained from the simulation of Peric's code. I have obtained the data file, but I cannot understand about NGRID. Any help is well appreciated

adampaya September 14, 2012 14:11

How to run the peric's code
Hello everyone
I have some challenge in using the peric code
For example consider 2DGL, when I generate the gird for the geometry, what's the next step??? Should I use the Caffa.f or user.f ????
I read the read me file, but I don't understand.:mad:

Thanks for your help.

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