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Sinisa July 13, 2004 02:38

Cosmos FloWorks Tutorial
Does anyone have tutorial in pdf for Cosmos FloWorks? I recently got that SolidWorks tool but it is to complex to figure it out from help topics in it. If you have it, please mail it to me, I'm gonna appreciate it a lot...

Leo July 23, 2004 00:48

Re: Cosmos FloWorks Tutorial
Hello Sinisa,

Am looking for exactly the same. If you receive a manual, could i get it from you? When I receive one, i will send it to you, of course.



Hugo Ferreira July 28, 2004 12:52

Cosmos FloWorks Tutorial
I also need some information on FloWorks.

Halil Aydin August 12, 2004 11:02

Re: Cosmos FloWorks Tutorial
I am looking for Cosmos floworks real examples. If anyone has them please con you sent to me thank very much in advence

Halil Aydin August 31, 2004 05:50

Re: Cosmos FloWorks Tutorial
What kind of information on Floworks. If you tell me I ll help you.

Hugo ferreira September 1, 2004 13:57

Re: Cosmos FloWorks Tutorial
Hi Halil Aydin, i would like to get the coefficient of drag from a catamaran. So i built it on solidworks and put int in COSMOFloWOrks, but i don't know very well what to do for get is drag. I've seen the COSMOFloWorks 2003 Tutorial and i've seen the chapter were they calculate the drag coefficient. If you work with it tell me some informations our work you've done.

Thank You

Hugo Ferreira

burakreis September 2, 2004 14:40

Re: Cosmos FloWorks Tutorial
hi hugo, i am afraid, simply you can't get the total drag value of a catamaran (or any floating stuff) with floworks. you will need a free surface capable code to get some results. floworks can give you some viscous drag data but for a catamaran wave drag is a very critical issue and it can not be modeled with floworks but fluent, starcd etc. can deal with it



jayasankar September 22, 2004 10:44

Re: Cosmos FloWorks Tutorial
Could you please give me the modelling techniques for COSMOS floworks analysis of piping systems etc.

Regards Jay

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