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kdrbrk July 16, 2010 02:18

Best settings for solar car external flow problems
Hi all,

I would like to know your experiences about solving solar car external flow problems if you have any. I think there must be someone from solar teams :)
But there is not any good discussion in this forum about solar cars.

The thing here is flow is partly laminar on the surface of the car, and partly turbulent. The ratio of laminar flow differ between %30 to %60. Speed is approx 20-35m/s or 80-100 km/h

I have been only using Fluent. I tried different methods, but I could not decide which one gives best results, because I do not have any opportunity to test the whole car in the wind tunnel and compare.

Some other teams do test their cars on wind tunnels, but none of them -of course- don't share their true values :)

So if there are any one here that has any experience of what I mention or similar things, at least can you give tips?

Best settings as far as I compile from much threads, forums :
1)The solver is 3D, dp, pressure based and steady state.
2)Methods are Kw-SST, transition SST, Ke realizable although most don't thrust Ke results.
3)Since the mesh is tet unstructured with some boundary layer near the car surface, solving cell based is preferred.
4)For better accuracy, schemes are mostly second order.
5)Setting some part of the region as laminar region for better accuracy.

If any of you have any experience about this or similar subjects, please share. It can be software, settings, meshing, or anything.
What are the best settings for most accurate results?


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