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tstorm July 19, 2010 11:58

v2-f turbulence model boundary conditions
I've been working with the some v2-f turbulence models in FLUENT (they're user-defined, because my team won't spend money on the FLUENT v2-f model.)

I know the boundary conditions for k, epsilon, and v2, at inlets, outlets, and walls. But, I'm having trouble finding appropriate boundary conditions for f. I'm currently using a derivative of 0 at inlets and outlets and a value of 0 at walls, but I don't know if those are correct.

Has anyone worked with the v2-f models enough to know what the f boundary conditions should be?

Thanks in advance!

tstorm July 19, 2010 12:15

Correction: I'm using the f formulation by Lein and Kalitzin ("Computations of Transonic Flows with the v2-f turbulence Model"), and the f boundary condition at solid walls is f=0.

But I still don't know the appropriate inlet and outlet boundary conditions. Can anyone help?

Thanks again.

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