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Jimmy July 22, 2004 08:35

Backward Facing Step
Hi All, I am looking for some dataset (experimental/DNS/LES) of a supersonic backward facing step flow (planar, not axi geometry, pls) . Is anybody aware of such a dataset? THanks Jimmy

amol July 25, 2004 15:32

Re: Backward Facing Step
Hi, You may look at the paper "Predictions of axial and transverse injection into supersonic flow" Palaniswamy et al. Flow,Turbulence and combustion 66, pp 37-55. 2001 -amol

Jimmy July 25, 2004 18:02

Re: Backward Facing Step
Do you have the paper? I dont have good access to different journals, will it be possible to get either electronic or paper copies of the article? Thanks jimmy

noName July 25, 2004 22:37

Re: Backward Facing Step
Look at:

"AGARD Test Cases for the Validation of Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulent FLows A wide range of test cases focused on LES simulations. Includes a lot of data, including correlations etc. You can download and print all documentation yourself. The database was compiled by AGARD in 1997. Highly recommended! "

From this very website.

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