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vetnav July 28, 2010 20:17

Extract data we want from Techplot to a data file

I am wondering if it possible to extract as explained below.

I have a solution file (data file of size about 50 MB, 300000 grid points) for flow in a 3D geometry which has lot of variables X,Y,Z,u,v,w,jx,jy,jz,t. Where
X,Y,Z - coordinates of grid points
u,v,w - velocity components
jx,jy,jz - current density components
t - temperature

but unfortunately, these data are not arranged as separate columns, if I open the data file it shows a continuous data. Now, if I want to write in to another file only X,Y,Z,t as four columns how can I do it using techplot?

I know I can write a small code to read and write into a file (reading this type of files is messy as there is no proper spacing to skip some values and read particular values) and please don't suggest me to change the output pattern in the source code used to produce this solution file because I don't have access to source code :(

When I load this huge file into techplot and see the spread sheet all the values are beautifully shown in separate columns, but is it possible to extract only columns I need into a data file using techplot.

Thank you

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