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qshuang July 30, 2010 02:50

wall treatment of DO model for light radiation
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hello,guys! i am modeling the light radiation with DO model, but there is a problem that confused me. the collimated beam (Perpendicular to the glass wall) radiated from the glass wall to an annular reactor with water, after the simulation, it get a shocking result that the light transmitted aslant (please see the contour of incident radiation and pay attention to the right, all boundaries in the reactor are walls)! The light dirrection is set to be vertical and the direction should be unchanged in theory, i don't know why this happen (the light source is regard as purely specular)! please help me! any help is appreciated, thanks!

qshuang July 30, 2010 02:55

additional news
the boundaries in the top, left and right are same in this case and to be opaque with the internal emissivity equals 1.

qshuang August 8, 2010 22:38

please give me some advice
gus! please give me some advice! any help is appreciated! thanks in advance!

Rami August 12, 2010 05:03

This problem seems to be specific to Fluent, so you'd better post in the Fluent forum.

qshuang August 12, 2010 21:38

thank you for you advice
thank you for your response, i have move the post to the FLUENT!

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