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Diego Nogueira July 27, 2004 19:36

Question on boundary conditions
I'm using SIMPLE method and have a doubt on physical BC's.

For pressure, on has to make the gradient normal to the wall equal zero, but how to calculate the pressure of the fluid cell close to it?

In order to calculate the pressure of a cell (I'm using poisson) I'm supposed to use the values of pressure around the cell. Does it include boundary cells?

The problem is that I'm reaching very high pressure values close to the walls.

centaur_ks July 27, 2004 21:26

Re: Question on boundary conditions
refer to 'Numerical methods for Fluid flow and heat transfer' by Suhas V Patankar. The book explains the answer in great details...

Diego Nogueira July 28, 2004 15:26

Re: Question on boundary conditions
I'll look for that one. Thank you.

agg July 29, 2004 12:17

Re: Question on boundary conditions
1) To calculate the pressure values near the boundaries you should include the unknown boundary cells.

2) To treat boundary, you can have a look at the way it is done in FISHPACK which is an elliptic equation solver.

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