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Azfarizal Bin Mukhtar July 27, 2004 20:19

traditional driven cavity
hai... actually i'm University Teknologi Malaysia's student in last year. so right now i'm doing thesis about traditional driven cavity with different aspect ratio. i'm doing this thesis by use the program force 208(fortran compiler) so can anyone help me about what the effect can we get when using different aspect ratio and what the application can we get from that. For your knowledge my mesh is H=129 and L=129 (square cavity)

Maciej Matyka July 28, 2004 03:01

Re: traditional driven cavity
Please see a paper about the SIMPLE/R - and Vorticity Stream approach with Driven Cavity benchmarks - available on my web page:

"Solution to two-dimensional Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations with SIMPLE, SIMPLER and Vorticity-Stream Function Approaches. Driven-Lid Cavity Problem: Solution and Visualization.", Maciej Matyka , University of Linkoping, CFD Project Report #3, 30.VI.2004

Hope it will be helpful,

Best Regards, Maciej Matyka <A HREF=""></a>

jenn July 29, 2004 18:49

Re: traditional driven cavity
It is alway puzzling to me why people always use two-dimensional simulation to replace three-dimensional case. Of course, the vorticity-streamfunction approach is very simple and less costly. But the physics is maybe very different? So why bothering use two-dimensional? For CFD beginner to practice, it is no harm. But for a real application, I doubt it. Anyone knows people do comparison work between the 2D case and 3D case? That will be very nice and convincing.

Maciej Matyka August 4, 2004 04:56

Re: traditional driven cavity
Maybe the reason is, that on my Athlon 2.1 Ghz there is no possibility to run my code hundred times to check the results and clear all the mistakes in algorithm?

I am using 2d cases just to finish the solver and then easly move it into 3d space. Also it is much easier to make efficient visualization for 2d case. And finally - there is a lot of benchmarks over the web for two dimensional codes.

Best Regards, Maciej Matyka <A HREF=""></a>

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