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DJ August 2, 2004 09:51

Poisson equation vs continuity equation
HI all I am using poisson equaion and continuity equation to solve steady state Lid driven cavity flow problem With the two i am getting two different set of results..¿¿why?? both of them are principally same equations. With continuity equation I am getting oscillation(U, V and P also) with poisson equation , The results are numerically stable but the dont confirm the standard results also they dont satisfies continuity equation.. Any comment/suggestion/help.........Please..!!i am stuck!!

jenn August 5, 2004 20:01

Re: Poisson equation vs continuity equation
I am confused. Continuity equation and the possion equation are different equations but related. You need to solve them at the same time to get u,v and P. Sometimes you have to iterate many times to make the continuity equation satified to some degree of accuracy.

The oscillation happens is maybe due to the numerical scheme you used.

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