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sudarshan August 10, 2010 14:35

Fresher guy seeking some help
I am a fresher Engineer from Mumbai, India who wants to make career in CFD field, I am about to enroll myself for a CFD course which is gone cover CAD tools like CATIA, Solidworks and for CFD they have included Ansys ICEM-CFD as pre-processing, for solved and post-precessiong I have to chose either FLUENT or CFX. So I wanna know weather this much tools are ok for a fresher like me to get into the field ? do I need to learn all 3 pre-processing tools like GMBIT, TGrid or ICEM-CFD alone is enough ? same with pro-processing tool, which one would be better FLUENT or CFX ?

CCTech_Pune August 12, 2010 02:41

ICEM CFD is most generally used as it has more flexibility in creating all types of mesh, Hex and Tetra. Both CFX and Fluent has same advantages. For Turbo-machinery application CFX is more generally used and for Multiphase and combustion Fluent is more generally used :)

sudarshan August 12, 2010 05:09

Thank you for your kind reply, so it means leanring only ICEM CFD would be enough for pre-processing ? is there any big difference between FLUENT and CFX ? as if I want to learn CFX later on after getting some experience on FLUENT.

Jade M August 20, 2010 12:48

I actually had to make this decision about choice of software for my company early this year. I would recommend CFX. My company's ANSYS reps actually do not recommend ICEM but I do not recall the reason.

My understanding is that CFX is fully integrated into Workbench while Fluent is not. Except for some specialized work such as shocks or multiphase, then Fluent is not needed. To understand the modelling capabilities of each software, see the capabilities chart at

None of this will be an issue in the next release (Version 13.0) when Workbench will have a single CFD package.

Jade M November 1, 2010 13:48

Correction, the ANSYS folks just visited and indicated that there will not be a single CFD package until Version 14.0.

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