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shakked August 4, 2004 18:00

Mesh Initialization
Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me what mesh initialization procedure is? I received the following message from gambit while meshing a volume with tgrid: "Initialization failed, perturb boundary nodes and try again" although the mesh was created and read into fluent 6.1 successfully, Is anyone know what the meaning of all that? Can I continue with my simulation despite gambit message?

Many Thanks

Rami August 5, 2004 01:02

Re: Mesh Initialization
Shalom Shakked,

There is a Fluent forum here, which may be more helpful for your query.

sijalahmed August 7, 2004 22:50

Re: Mesh Initialization
this message shows that u have singularity in ur mesh, that is some nodes lines are crossing each other wrongly.

check the grid in fluent, there is check option in fluent which will tell u about this this. as i know u will get this message in fluent "grid check failed"

regards sijal ahmed memon

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