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DoHander August 13, 2010 00:04

Wind tunnel lift coefficient

I was wondering if half a wing mounted on a wing tunnel wall will give roughly the same Lift as an entire wing mounted on a sting. Suppose the wall acts like a mirror for the half of wing.

My intuition saids I will obtain roughly the same lift plus some wall interference. However I may be wrong ...

Thanks for your answers,


agd August 13, 2010 08:36

Generally speaking your intuition is correct. Be warned however that the level of interference can vary greatly depending on tunnel blockage and the effect on your result can also vary thusly. Generally you want the blockage to be < 5% (<1% for good results to compare to flight data). Also, with a sting (which offers its own interference factor) you can vary the sideslip angle, which you cannot do with half a wing. So if yaw is important, then you'll need a sting or strut mount.

DoHander August 13, 2010 09:28



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