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monahan August 18, 2010 19:11

Cobalt Job File
Shot in the dark here...i'll email the cobalt guys tomorrow but i want to know tonight from home. Submitted my cobalt jobfile...successfully ran 2000+ iterations, converged just fine, results looked great. my turbulence model was spalart allmaras. Cobalt output a restart file every 100 iterations. Now i want to run an additional ~100 iterations using DES. set the job file to "restart file" and ran in debug mode to make sure everything went smoothly. debug job starts running, is able to grab the restart file, grid file, and BC file from the location i specified. I know this because i open up the running environment location and it is populated with all three files. however, the job dies a few minutes in and says "restart file not found. please check the file name in the input file".....

i dont get clearly found the restart file because it brought it over to my workspace. the input file never asks for a restart file, only whether or not you are doing an initial run or restart. i am new to this, so i am undoubtedly doing something stupid. any thoughts?

CapSizer August 19, 2010 14:53

Run name?
Did you keep the runname and directories the same? Normally, as you say, this just works .... just edit the job file to say that it is a restart and it just goes.

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