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waku2005 August 18, 2010 23:03

Periodic pressure B.C. on collocated SMAC code
Hi all,

I'd like to know how to set peridoic pressure B.C. on collocated SMAC FVM.

Currently, I'm writing LES code in a square duct using SMAC method on hexahedral meshs.

For the stream direction (x direction), I hope to set periodic boundary conditions, and I was just thinking to set at the cell faces of both inlet and exit cells like below:
uf_inlet = uf_exit = 0.5*(u_inlet + u_exit),
vf_inlet = vf_exit = 0.5*(v_inlet + v_exit),
wf_inlet = wf_exit = 0.5*(w_inlet + w_exit),
Tf_inlet = Tf_exit = 0.5*(T_inlet + T_exit) (temperature or some scalars).
(Note thet "f" shows cell-face values, and others are cell-center values)

But for pressure P and potential Phi ?

For pressure P,
pf_inlet = pf_exit = 0.5*(p_inlet + p_exit)
would not be an adequate condition because of the pressure loss by the duct walls .

Also for and potential Phi, I wonder if
Phif_inlet = Phif_exit = 0.5*(Phi_inlet + Phi_exit)
could be used in the solver of poisson eqn. of potential Phi.

Does anyone tell me? :confused:

Sincerely yours,

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