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Lu Zhang May 6, 1999 11:48

power-law scheme
Hi, I try to solve the energy equation. Central difference does not work(Pe in my proble is around 10,000). Now I want to try the power-law scheme given by the Patankar in his book. Has anybody tried this method? Is there a better way I can use? Thank you.

Lu Zhang

Jeremy Wanat May 6, 1999 23:46

Re: power-law scheme
The power-law scheme at that Pe will give you the upwind scheme, that is assuming that Pe=density*velocity*dx/gamma. If Pe is greater than 10 at all points, you will end up using the upwind scheme anyway. I suggest you try that first.

Lu Zhang May 7, 1999 10:44

Re: power-law scheme
Hi, Thank you for your help. I will try that.

Lu Zhang

mahesh prakash May 8, 1999 04:21

Re: power-law scheme
Hi, The central scheme is known to be unstable and is not recommended for high Pe numbers. The Power law scheme works fine. However I recommend you to use the first-order upwind and second order central difference hybrid scheme which is stable for several classes of flows and is also easy to implement. Regards

Lu Zhang May 8, 1999 15:13

Re: power-law scheme
Thank you.


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