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kranthi August 18, 2004 11:12

CFD softwares
I want to know which CFD software is more preferable. Fluent (or) Star CD..

I was asked to work on Star CD pacakge as an MS project.

could anybody help me out as would it be good if i took project under that prof.

thanks kranthi

Jim_Park August 18, 2004 13:49

Re: CFD softwares
You really need to work the answer out for yourself. But first you need to ask a slightly different question:

What CFD software is preferable, Fluent or Star CD, to do {Put a statement of your problem here}.

Then search the archives of cfd-online. Your question will likely have been discussed previously.

Then visit the discussion groups for Fluent and for Star CD on this web site and see what other users say about problems like yours. You might ask, on each web site, "how well does Fluent {or Star CD} work for this {your} problem?".

Finally, contact the sales and support people for Fluent and for Star CD and ask them what experience they've had with a problem like yours.

Good luck!

Steve August 19, 2004 05:35

Re: CFD softwares
It would also be a good idea to investigate the financials. Do both code vendors give free licenses to educational institutions?

If so, how free is free? How many seats can you get? Does it include support?

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