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Biswajit Sarkar August 23, 2004 13:47

Lagrangian Approach
What is the basic difference between Lagrangian approach and Eulerian approach?

Khurram August 23, 2004 14:51

Re: Lagrangian Approach
Lagrangian approach is mainly used in solid mechanics, where the grid points "sits" on the material and the grid points move with the material. Eulerian approach is mainly used in fluid mechanics where the grid points are fixed in space and the fluid is moving accross them.

Biswajit Sarkar August 24, 2004 00:42

Re: Lagrangian Approach
Dear Sir, A Very hearty thanks to you. I would like to ask you another question How lagrangian approach is useful in CFD?

With regards, Biswajit Sarkar

Junseok Kim August 24, 2004 02:02

Re: Lagrangian Approach
In the multi-phase fluid dynamics, Lagrangian approach (immersed boundary method, front tracking method) tracks the interface explicitly. On the other hand Eulerian method (level set method) captures the interface with implicitly defined level set function on the Cartesian coordinates.

Khurram August 25, 2004 16:48

Re: Lagrangian Approach

As Kim mentioned, in Fluid structure interaction problems, we have to employ moving mesh for the fluid. One of the way to handel this problem is Arbitrary Lagrangial-Eulerian formulations. (Though the word arbitrary is misleading!) In ALE formulation the mesh velocity comes into the convection term of the fluid problem. For solid part we still use lagrangian approach.

I hope this answers your question!. Dont hesitate to ask again!

Biswajit Sarkar August 26, 2004 06:32

Re: Lagrangian Approach
Dear Sir, I am totally new in this field. Now i am trying to develop my basic concepts. How could I build concepts. I am basically a Chemical Engineer.

Khurram August 29, 2004 16:04

Re: Lagrangian Approach
It depends what you are doing and what are your plans for future. Assuming you have some applied project, then I would say get some CFD book and develop some 2D programs. If you have passed that stage and you are comfortable with CFD and looking to go into multiphysics problems then you have to follow some classical papers, which can give you implementational details.

Biswajit Sarkar August 31, 2004 01:18

Re: Lagrangian Approach
Dear Sir, I have done M.Tech in Chemical Ebgineering with specilization Computer Aided Process Plant Design from IIT Roorkee. Presently I am a lecturer at Jaypee Institute of Engineering and Technology. My M.Tech dissertation was Modelling of Spray Dryer. Now I am interested to persue my Doctoral Thesis in in the field of experimental and computational analysis of gas-solid flows. What should I have to do?

saurabhk May 4, 2012 08:01

Dear Biswajit
Hey Biswajit, this is Saurabh. You said that you M.Tech topic was modeling of spray drying process. So have you done CFD modeling. If yes which software have you used. Please tell me as currently I am working on modeling of spray drying process.

cngz January 25, 2013 09:31

Spray dryer modelling
Hi, it's Alime. I am also working on spray dryer modelling. I have read and searched several tutorials, but the model that I made didn't work the way I want!. Could you please suggest me some documents which are about spray dryer modelling? I really appreciate any kind of your help.. Thanks in advance.

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