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HectorRedal September 13, 2010 16:52

Request for help so as to debug MAC implementation

I am currently developing a MAC Marker and Cell implementation for incompressible fluid simulation.
I have followed one algorithm provided in Fletcher reference: Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics 1 C.A.J. Fletcher, chapter 17.

I have finished the implementation, and now, I am comparing the results I get with this code, with a couple of references in the internet.

The results are quite different.
I don't know where the fault in my code could be.

I am wondering if some could help me out in debugging the code.
I can provide the full code. The only important aspect to take care of is that the code is written in spanish.

I can try to translate the code into english language, but it will take time.

I would appreciate any suggestion.

Thanks in advance.


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