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Numerouno August 26, 2004 11:37

What does an applications engineer do?
Hi, I am an undergraduate student applying for a company that's asking me to apply for a specific position and asking me about the core competencies that I can offer? What does a CFD Applications Engineer do exactly? I have worked in CFD and would like to answer this question well. Kindly help me out here. Regards, N

cfd dude August 26, 2004 13:14

Re: What does an applications engineer do?
An "applications engineer" would basically be responsible for using existing CFD tools to analyze given problems. You would not, generally, be developing any CFD schemes or be asked to make modifications to the solver. That would be the job of "development engineers" or "developers", or whatever the company calls them.

In a more senior applications position you might develop user subroutines for specific classes of problems (special boundary conditions, for example), or be responsible for figuring out how to apply the solver to a new type of problem.

Applications engineers could also be involved in training customers, giving presentations or papers, but this would vary widely by company.

Good luck....

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