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Chuck Leakeas May 7, 1999 17:56

Literature on laminar coaxial jets?
Hello out there! Does anyone know where I can find any books or articles on laminar coaxial jets? Specifically, coaxial nozzles used in designing chemical reactors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Patrick Godon May 11, 1999 10:21

coaxial jets?
By 'coaxial' jetS, do you mean two jets: one inside another, like to mix fuel and oxidant in a rocket nozzle?

Or do you just mean one cylindrically symetric nozzle with one single jet?


Chuck Leakeas May 11, 1999 11:43

Re: coaxial jets?

Hi, thanks for answering my posting. By coaxial jet I mean one jet inside another. This design is used the chemical reactor to mix the carrier gas with a precursor gas in order that they will mix in the gas phase and then through a chemical reaction lay a thin film on any surface. I am interested in nozzle designs and the different combinations of nozzle inlet velocity and concentrations used in some common reactors.

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