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krishna August 26, 2004 23:27

Basic Multiphase Flow Modelling
Hi all,

Can ppl suggest me some basic books on Multiphase flow modelling to start with, I am in need to develop a code for a bubbly flow, across a channel.

Thanks in advance,


Junseok Kim August 27, 2004 00:39

Re: Basic Multiphase Flow Modelling
You may search for Level set method, Volume of fluid method, front tracking method.

John August 27, 2004 08:40

Re: Basic Multiphase Flow Modelling
The term "Multiphase flow" is always dubious. If the phases are kind of mixed (like having too many small air bubbles in turbulent flow in chemical process devices), I call them "dispersed multiphase" flows. In these cases VOF, Level Set, etc. methods don't work and you should simulate them using two-fluid methodologies like the works of Drew and Lahey at RPI (Rensslaer) or works of Kataoka (Int J. Multiphase Flow) as they just model the effects of these small bubbles using some simple correlations as it's impossible to SOLVE for all the details of flow.

Level set method, Volume of fluid method, front tracking method are only useful if you can track the two fluids separately like a water drop in air or a bubble inside liquid which I call "immiscible multiphase" flows (not too many bubbles as it's virtually impossible to track all these guys). e.g. the maximum of bubbles that are solved using these methods are less than 1000 large bubbles (works of G. Tryggvason), and also very recent simulation of Japanese guys using the world's largest supercomputer (EarthSimulator).

Maybe other people have differnt ideas about the names, but I believe there are two totally different catregories of the multiphase flows from the computational point of view at least.

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