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sudarshan September 15, 2010 09:18

Masters in CFD in India
Hello folks, I am a fresher Aeronautical engineer wanted to pursue full scope masters in CFD from India. So can you please suggest me any good institutes in India who do have full scope masters in CFD or atleast more focused and active in CFD development (new codes and algorithm) domain. Also what are the job prospectus in India after completing the masters ? I am soon about to apply for GATE 2011 exam as well.

pavitran September 16, 2010 10:14

  1. Almost in all IIT's, CFD is being used extensively for research work. Especially Dept of Aerospace Engineering in IIT Kanpur, Mumbai & IISc are actively involved in the CFD code development for specific applications.
  2. IIIT Pune offers MTech in CFD.
  3. Regarding Job Options, Now a days many MNC's, PSU(HAL,BHEL, BEML & etc), Research estabilishments(DRDL, ADA, GTRE, NAL) are using CFD extensively for Desing optimizations & for Research & Development.
All the best:)

vetnav September 23, 2010 20:38

Just as Pavitran said, IIT Kanpur and IISc are very good for CFD, if you want to stay in aerospace field only then I would suggest you to try hard for IIT Kanpur and try to get under Professor Sanjay Mittal or professor Senguptha,

Regarding the job, there are lot of companies like Fluent Pune, GE B'lore, etc. and some research labs as Pavitran mentioned.

If u get into IIT and work in CFD then u need not to worry about getting a job, as u can easily get a job in campus recruitment.

Good luck

vinayender September 23, 2010 23:50

As people said, IITKanpur and IISc along with IITBombay are good places for doing masters in CFD. Along with IITKanpur prof's, also there are good prof's in CFD in IISc. Prof N Balakrishnan and Prof. Joesph Mathew.

All the best.


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