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9mile September 24, 2010 13:59

Viscous flux
Hello all.
I got question about visous flux evaluation.
Mostly the central differencing method is used for the viscous flux.
I just got wondered why the central differencing is useful.
Some books said that the reason comes from "elliptic property of the viscous flux".
Can anyone give some more specific explanation from either mathematical or physical point of view?

Hamidzoka September 25, 2010 00:53

this mainly comes form the mechanism of voscous flux.
viscous fluxes are diffusive.
diffusive motions are random motions in each directions. for example in a 2-d domain a diffusive flux like viscousity can go up-down-righ or left and thus they are affected by both upstream and downstream points. therefore central difference is more physical since it considers up-down-right and left points.
but for example if you make an upwind differnce scheme, you force the diffusive flux to be affected just by upsteam points and this means that diffusive flux is not modeled properly according to its nature.


9mile September 25, 2010 08:17

Thanks for reply
Dear Hamidzoka.

That's what i want to hear.


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