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mukut September 24, 2010 22:28

Need suggestion about simulation of plasma induced flow
[Where is my previous post in this MAIN CFD FORUM. Is it deleted by ADMIN? Did I make any violation in this forum? I am confused]

By using PHOENICS I want to make flow simulation. The solution domain like as follows--

I set some boundary conditions and by PRPS I set AIR and DIELECTRIC MATERAIL (GRAY) as upper and lower domain.

How can I set permittivity? One of my post Mr. Richard said that it could be set by PRNDTL(EPOT).

I also read about it on:

But I am not clear, help me please

mukut October 6, 2010 20:45

Till now no suggestion from any member. Please provide some suggestion and advice.... If we don't co-operate with each other then it is so hard for the beginner to keep in track. Hope you all provide some information/suggestion/guidance to go further.

Actually without sharing experience, only reading manual and practicing the software can't be fruitful.

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