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idrama September 25, 2010 02:46

VOF: wall shear stresses over time
Hallo folks,

I have the following problem. I ran a VOF simulation and would like to know how can I visualized the wall shear stresses over time?

Thanks in advanced

valgrinda September 27, 2010 08:22

Wall Shear Stress

in case the turbulent kinetic energy k is available in your result files, you can multiply k at the wall with \sqrt{c_{\mu}}\rho , then you get the shear stress \tau. An other alternative is to use the velocities: \tau = \rho u_*^2 = \rho \frac{u \left| u \right|}{ \left(u^+\right)^2 } with u+ coming from Schlichting's smooth or rough wall laws. In your case, \rho depends on the VOF volume fraction function.


idrama October 12, 2010 10:46

Thank you for you answer! But can I actually just take the integral of tau(x,t) over time? tau(x,t) wall shear stress at time t at position x.

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