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Arnab September 7, 2004 19:43

1. what are the general physical approxmiatins and numerical solution techniques used in Star-CD?

2.what type of grid is used by star-cd? what are the different types of grids? what are the differences between hexahedral and tetrahedral cell meshing?

3.what is implicit and explicit method?? and which is better? and what does star uses??

4.what is meant by stephen problem??

5.Can anyone tell me any site or any one has any set of questions for CFD kind of job interview? or simply does anyone have any CFD questions which are asked my employers during phone or general interview?

Tom September 14, 2004 13:22

Re: Doubts
For questions 1 thru 3 check the book An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics by H K Versteeg & W Malalasekera. It is a pretty good theory manual for PHOENICS, FLUENT, and STAR-CD.

For questions 4 & 5, you're on your own.


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