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vinno October 3, 2010 16:53

Project idea..
Hello all,

I am currently just starting my final year studying Automotive Technology at Staffordshire uni. So I need to come up with a final year project.

I only found this site today whilst searching for information on my subject of choice (aerodynamics), I'm sure I will become a regular visitor when I actually start my project.

The only problem is that I haven't come up with one yet! Well I have, but only the one and I'd like to have a few ideas to present to my lecturers.

The idea I have is to model a car in a CAD package, probably Wildfire Pro Engineer and then run it through CFD software using different aero profiles (different diffuser designs, splitter/no splitter) and see how this affects the airflow around the car.
I quite like the sound of the idea and I'm certain I'd enjoy it. I just cant think of ANYTHING else aero-based that I could do.

If anyone has any feedback on my idea, and idea of their own or just any little bit of something you'd like to share with me I'd be super greatful!


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