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glazing October 3, 2010 18:06

Help !!! : Computation/Calculation of Heat flow through several layers of Glazing
Dear friends,

I want to compute the heat flow through several layers of glazing.I have incorporated a heat sink(with a coolant flow tube) in one of the intermediate layers which will remove the heat incident on the glazing.
A layer of translucent insulation is also present to prevent heat from transmitting to the inside.
I do not have any knowledge of CFD and will be gratefull to all those who can help me arrive at a solution (by calculation..preffered or computation).
1. i need to know the heat that needs to be removed by the heat sink to prevent any heat from the outside being reflected to the outside.
2. the rate of flow of the coolant to enable the above.
3. the preffered medium in contact with the heat sink ( located on the periphery of the glass window) to enable maximum heat capture that can be passed on to the heat sink.

Thank You .

otd October 5, 2010 09:27

Could you post a sketch?

glazing October 10, 2010 08:44

1 Attachment(s)
I have attached the sketch.I look forward to your reply.Thank You.

otd October 10, 2010 16:48

I don't think you have a CFD problem. The fluids problems (flow of liquid in a tube, natural convection on a cooled surface) are text book and have been reduced to correlations to yield convection coefficients on the inside surface of the tube and the outside (left) surface of the glazing.

It appears that the rest is a multi-layered conduction and radiation problem. You need to consider conduction from the ambient fluid on the left into and through your structure and top-to-bottom conduction in your structure, so you have a two-dimensional (or 3?) conduction problem.

The radiation transport can be pretty tricky, but (I think) all the parts are covered in graduate level transport texts.

Maybe some other readers can add to this - or suggest a heat transfer web site for further help.


glazing October 12, 2010 06:27

Can anyone help me? I do not have any knowledge of heat transfer.I am also looking for your recommendation of a liquid/gas which is transparent and at the same time can capture the heat from the radiation and pass it to the heat sink.

glazing October 12, 2010 06:28

Thank you.

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