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njenkins360 October 4, 2010 23:39

WENO and 1D compressible Navier-Stokes

I am interested in applying WENO methods to the compressible unsteady Navier-Stokes equations. I found a few papers and have began reading. If I make a 1D-constant viscosity-perfect gas approximation; then do I need to include things like turbulence models, Lower-Upper-Symmetric Gauss-Seidel time discretization, Anti-diffusive flux limiters, etc..

My goal is to write a code to solve a shock tube problem using the WENO scheme. Since I have supersonic shock propagation.. so I need compressible fully viscous forms of the conservation equations.. correct?

Just getting started, looking for some tips..


njenkins360 October 5, 2010 22:47

wow not a single reply! anyone?

nikola_m November 6, 2010 18:09

Hey man...
Go to sourceforge and look for the code named "aerodynamics" written by Gerolymos & Vallet. In documentation overthere you will find there papers on very high order WENO schemes - this code acompanies the papers and implements these ideas.
There you will find answers to your questions. One of the problems the code solves in examples is shock tube prob. but it's capable of much more.

BTW from what source (a book or so) have you learned CFD?

njenkins360 November 7, 2010 13:54

Thanks a lot for the help! I'll definitely go check out this code.

I've learned the CFD I currently know by reading journal papers and an internship at a national laboratory in computational physics.

I am currently in grad school and plan to learn more. :)

nikola_m November 7, 2010 19:07

Please let me know what you think!
I'm using this code and find it very well organized and easy to follow and there is a lot of room for new developments. And it is really educative - take your time and learn along the way. :cool:
This may be your starting point instead of starting from a scratch.

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