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CAVT October 5, 2010 12:39

Flat 2D surface immersed in 3D flow, is it possible?
Hello everybody.
This is my problem: I need to run a CFD simulation of a ventilation system, and the problem is that an important piece of the system is made from metal sheets. The only really problematic part is a metal sheet caping an extreme of an inlet with one of its edges free, and I cannot avoid its modelling so easily, but if I account for the sheet thickness it would lead to an unnecessary over refinement on that zone and maybe if I do it the run will not converge.
I would like to know if I can represent this sheet as a simple 2D surface, that is a flat shape with no thickness, and then set it as a wall. Both sides of the sheet are wetted by the flow. I plan to use Code_Saturne.
To show better my problem, please look at this picture The sheet I'm referring too is the big square surrounding the extractor system (it's thin, don't get fooled by the bottom part which is a trough). It's not my geometry but rather similar.
Thank you in advance.


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