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lost.identity October 6, 2010 05:36

SIMPLE algorithm confusion

I'm wondering if SIMPLE algorithm is an implicit algorithm. I know that SIMPLE stands for semi-implicit method for pressure linked equations. In Patankar's book he describes that it's Implicit because the pressure correction effects on the neighboring velocities are omitted, so it becomes partially implicit.

However, my question is if it is partially implicit, then does it mean it's partially explicit. And if it's partially explicit does it mean that when you run the simulations you need to be careful of the time step size, like you are for fully explicit schemes?


njenkins360 October 7, 2010 11:48

I would assume if it's partially implicit, then the method has explicit behaviors, in which, yes, you would need to calculate a CFL condition, as the method is not unconditionally stable.

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