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AAM September 15, 2004 17:14

References on Water-Air CFD Simulation
I'am interested in doing the simulation of the interaction of a solid object moving towards a fluid region (Water). See diagram below. The interest is in the evolution of the free surface of water as it passes the solid. The geometry is 3D and I will use a commercial software.

a).-Water Region______ V<----Solid Object

For the simulation. The Solid is considered to be static and the fluid (Water) moving toward the object as indicated in the diagram below.

b).-Water Region______---->V _____Solid Object

c).-AirRegion/Water Region______---->V _____Solid Object

I have the option of simulating only the flow of water, in this case I am in the presence of a free surface flow problem. On the other hand I can simulate both, water and air flows. For this case The problem is Two-pase flow one, which will be more complicated to simulate and the need to define precisely the interface and interaction of the two fluids.

Does anybody could give references that describe the solution of this type of problems or give some hints about the simulation, such as to model only the free surface flow or the two phase flow.?

Thanks in advance for your kind help.


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