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phsieh2005 October 11, 2010 20:33

liquid temperature at tube outlet?

I would like to calculate the liquid temperature at the tube outlet given the following conditions:

1. Tube is made of Teflon (ID 0.06" OD 0.1")
2. Water flows inside the tube at 1.2 ml/sec
3. Assuming constant temperature (306 K) at the outside wall of the tube
4. Inlet liquid temperature is 293 K.
5. Tube length is 0.1 meter

Is there a quick way to estimate the water temperature at the exit of the tube?

I used elmer ( to perform the calculation. The results showed that, after 1 cm from the inlet, the water temperature already reached almost 306 K. I am not sure if this is correct giving the high inlet velocity (0.66 m/sec). I am looking for a way to check if this is even close.



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