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Nick September 16, 2004 16:56

MacCormack Method
Can anyone help me derive the MacCormack Method? I understand the steps (forward predictor - backward corrector, etc) but WHY? How did anyone first think to develop this process???


Jim_Park September 16, 2004 20:02

Re: MacCormack Method
An opinion:

He was trying things that looked good based on simple cases - driven by his intuition.

And it worked. Very well, as it turns out.

indd September 17, 2004 06:58

Re: MacCormack Method
The fisrt step predict the solution end the second correct it. Because the forward and backward differencing are alernated between the two steps as well as between the spatial derivatives, this eliminates any bias due to one-sided differcing.

See "Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Basics With Applications" Or "Computationnal Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer" by Anderson and al. You will find all that you need

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