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Far October 13, 2010 00:02

Writing a 2D CFD code
hello every body

today I got class project from peric book to write the 2D CFD code for simple convection conduction equation. I want to ask that should I do it in FORTRAN of C++. As this stage selecting any programing language is easy but after it would be difficult to learn another language. So please advise me where to start.

Best Regards

morteza08 October 14, 2010 06:02

Hi dear
As an engineer....I recommend you to choose Fortran...
set aside the faults and shortage of these two languages, many scientific and engineering codes are written in fortran..i mean you can simply search for solving an engineering problem in net or books and find the problem....
nearly all of engineers and professors work with fortran and consulting is easier in this case...
this is my opinion

Far October 14, 2010 09:27

Yeah you are right. my inclination is also towards FORTRAN. But due to C craze I was confused. Thanks.


ganesh October 14, 2010 14:05

Dear Far,

C vs Fortran for CFD is mostly an annual debate topic on CFD Online over the years. While reaching a consensus on this might be a difficult task, I agree with morteza's view that most legacy codes and software are in F90 and that codes from books are also in Fortran. While the choice of programming language is debatable, my personal opinion is that the algorithm is what mainly counts and programming is just a means to implement the algorithm on a computer. Given that F90 has incorporated a lot of C--like features, my personal preference is F90, although you should go with the language that you are most comfortable handling with; after all its your code.



Far October 14, 2010 14:37

I too like Fortran 90

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