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Ricardo Nunez July 29, 1998 19:12

Format file for visualisation

I have a CFD source code that gives me an output file for be readable by tecplot software. I don't have this software, but I do have CFX-visualise license.

I think that maybe I could do some of these: 1. Edit this source code (in fortran), for giving me an output file readable by CFX (the CFX manual just say it's a dump file, but I don't know about compatibilities with this format). 2. Configure the CFX for read this .tec file. 3. Convert this .tec file to a .dmp file.

Although I think that any of these could be possible, honestly I wouldn't know how to do it.

Another possibility would be to download another visualisation software (preferably a free version), that could read this .tec file.

I'll aprecciate any help.

Thanks in advance, Ricardo.

John C. Chien July 30, 1998 03:20

Re: Format file for visualisation
The answer to your question is very simple:1) get a copy of tecplot graphic post processor ,2) make sure that your source code output actually workes with the tecplot program. ( I have used tecplot program before. I think it's O.K. It's not very expensive. ) There are two other options you can do:1) hand plot results from your code, 2) write your own graphic post processor.

Fabien Coppens July 30, 1998 04:12

Re: Format file for visualisation
I have been using Tecplot for several years, and the most recent versions (from V.7) are really easy to use and quite powerful. Actually, Tecplot will read as input basically any kind of ASCII file as long as the data is in columns or lines. I don't really recall what the .tec file is, but I'm sure that there is a way for you to extract the data in ascii format if you want to use CFX. What Tecplot usually does is that it reads the ascii input and then converts it to its own binary format.

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