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Giovanni Ambrogio May 11, 1999 12:34

Turbulence and AMR
Has anyone experiences in investigating turbulent, reactive Gas/Particle flows with AMR (Adaptive Mesh Refinement) ?

Heinz Wilkening May 13, 1999 13:46

Re: Turbulence and AMR

infact we are devoloping our own code REACFLOW , using apative meshing in conection with turbulent reactive flows. We are mainly interested in vapour clound explosions, such as fast turbulent deflagrations, but also detonations. For detonations the pressure gradient is a good indicator for mesh refinement. For turbulent deflagration this becomes more difficult, because also before the flame mesh refinement is needed, because the expanding gases are generating turbulence in front of the flame( due to obstacels, vents,...), which changes the turbulent burning rates, then more and fast expanding burned gases abd therefor also more turbulence generartion infront of the flame. A little like a hen and egg problem.

Here we are still trying. Please let me know, if you know a sollution, or have a different point of view to this problem

Ciao Heinz

Sung-Eun Kim May 13, 1999 20:10

Re: Turbulence and AMR
Dear Giovanni,

I believe they are a lot of researchers and engineers who have expertise and hands-on experience in the reacting flow you referred to.

But I cannot but help to say that's what many of our clients do all the time using FLUENT 5, which is a fully matured unstructured mesh based code with solution-adaptive mesh refinement and a rich library of reaction models including particle/gas phase. I hope I don't sound too commercial :)

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