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Robert Coates October 18, 2010 13:36

CFD for a Formula SAE car
I am working on a Formula SAE team and I am trying to develop the aerodynamics package for the vehicle. They only problem is my school does not have a CFD program. The team does have copies of Solidworks which does have limited CFD capability (only for internal flow). I was going to look at the possibly of getting sponsored by a CFD software company but I am not really sure what to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ganesh October 18, 2010 14:38

Dear Robert,

I cant recall the post, but there has been postings on this forum sometime back (maybe a few months to a year) regarding exactly the same problem of modelling a race car with CFD. Maybe searching the archives maybe of help.



Robert Coates October 18, 2010 15:43

I used the search function and I couldn't really find anything as far as what I am looking for.

lbossi October 19, 2010 09:47


a simple search on Google for "formula sae cfd" will bring you enough resources to start on this, especially the third link:

You can also look at publications and case studies to see which CFD companies sponsored other teams and approach them.


jbritton October 19, 2010 09:59

alternatively use an open source code such as openfoam

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