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Mike September 21, 2004 14:10

Low cost CFD software
Does anybody know of any low-cost CFD solver in the market? Around $1,000? It should be commercial, unstructured solver with standard flow analysis, heat transfer and combustion capabilities. I will appreciate any recommendations.



Apurva September 21, 2004 23:57

Re: Low cost CFD software
None at this cost range.

If you are in academic instituion try FOAM., but grid generation is a problem.

Aleix Valls September 22, 2004 12:19

Re: Low cost CFD software
You can check this page:

TDYN is a CFD enviroment with a integrate pre and postprocessor. The price of the software is variable in function of the licisne.

you can download a 30 days free trial version.!!!

Qu Kun October 9, 2004 00:48

Re: Low cost CFD software
What about Overture?? It is free, using overlap grid for complex geomtry and moving body. And it has its own gridgeneration module.

But I don't know whther it can compute combustion roblem.

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