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Mike Harrison May 11, 1999 13:28

Your opinion?
It always pays to ask the advice of experts so, if you don't mind, I'll intrude on your group to do so!

We will soon be releasing a new commercial product (FloWorks) to do analysis on SolidWorks models.

I would appreciate any or all of this group to look at and give me your opinion(s).

Thank you!

Joern Beilke May 11, 1999 15:00

Re: Your opinion?
There was nothing to find about the general capabilities of the code. The Ahmed example was already presented 2 years ago. What capabilities of AeroShape-3D are now implemented in Floworks and are there any new ones. Does the code run parallel on some processors? What about a Linux or IRIX version ?

Mike Harrison May 11, 1999 15:09

Re: Your opinion?
Our plans are to only run on Windows XX as that is all that SolidWorks runs on. I'm not technical nor am I knowledgeable of Aeroshape 3D so I've asked one of technical folks to address that question.

Thank you for taking the time to look at the website! I appreciate the time and the questions and we'll attempt to answer them all.

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