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EphemeralMemory October 28, 2010 16:50

STL Surface Geometry Fixing
Hey, all, thanks for reading this.

I have a question about STL surface meshes. In particular, how to fix them.

Unfortunately, I work with biomedical applications, which apparently is notorious for having overly complex geometry, and as a result, geometry that is incredibly hard to fix.

First off, a clarification: what are overlapping elements exactly? I can isolate several in a mesh, and it seems to be a boundary condition on a boundary condition. Because of this, I cannot mesh it properly so that FLuent can run simulations.

I work with Mimics, and I am able to fix everything except overlapping elements, which render me unable to run simulations in Fluent. I was wondering, what tools are out there that don't cost thousands of dollars for licensing that I can use for STL repair? I tried fixing the overlapping elements manually, but I get lost when the image has multiple millions of elements and I narrow it down to about 20 overlapping elements.

andyj October 30, 2010 19:05

You might look at MeshLab. It can repair Stl files and many others. It is free open source.

EphemeralMemory October 31, 2010 14:35

Thanks, I have Meshlab, but I didn't know you can repair STL files actually...

I'll check it out.

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