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masuarez November 2, 2010 12:57

URGENT!!! compressible METHANE in the ThermophysicalProperties
This is my second time posting regarding this issue (sorry everybody), but I still need to figure out how to use methane in OpenFoam (or any other substance other than air). As mentioned in my previous post, i'm a new user and need this for a school project. Any help is appreciated.


Rami November 3, 2010 05:09

Hi Miguel,

You did not specify what properties you need, neither am I familiar with OpenFoam. However, you may find thermal and transport properties for methane (as well as for other common materials) in NIST Web Book( ) .

I hope this helps,

masuarez November 7, 2010 16:18


What i have:
-An equation of state for methane [density as a function of pressure and temperature]

What i need:
-a way to implement my equation of state into OpenFOAM.

in other words, density is dependent on pressure and temperature and i need a way to tell openfoam what the relationship is.

For example, when i used FLUENT, i had to specify that I wanted to use a density based solver and that my material's density was real gas. Fluent then used a built in formula to calculate density, pressure, and temperature. I need to do the same using OpenFOAM

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