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Saima November 9, 2010 18:50

turbulence modeling in turbofan

I am looking for documentation turbulence modeling in turbofa. If anybody has some papers or thesis on it please let me know.


Far November 10, 2010 05:01

Can you elaborate more that what you want to know. whether you want to know about the best turbulence model for turbofan engine?


siri November 10, 2010 08:19


frankly, I don't know answer to your question but as soon as i read it I am somewhat curious for the way it sounded. i mean, does it being a turbofan engine signify something unique here?

as far as my knowledge goes, one picks appropriate turbulence model for an analysis based on its relative strength (or lack of it) in capturing the physics of interest at a particular region of geometry.

So practically speaking, it should not matter, whether you are analyzing for an aircraft engine or a valve in a heart. Its the physics of flow guiding the modeling choices most often rather than the application.

Please correct if I am wrong.


Hamidzoka November 11, 2010 01:20

Dear Salma
some turbulence models does not have a satisfactory performance in calculating turbulence characteristics of a specific flow such as lengh scale, etc.
So, you should refer to articles which are focused on evaluating turbulence models applied to turbomachines.
as far as i know, for turbomachinery applications k-Omega SST and h2f models show satisfactory results.


Saima November 21, 2010 12:01

Hi all,

Thanks for your replies.

What i studied up-till now i derived RANS by using incompressible and x Navier stokes equations, read models from Zero,1eqiations... Reynlds stress Model and LES. I read pros and cons of every models. Frim literature anf fluent user gide its clear k-omega is googd for turbomachinery application.

But the topic which i have to write report was "Turbulence Modeling for Turbofan". We always take compressible flow for fan. Then i realized i should read turbulnec modeling with compressible effect. I found derivations upto RANS for compressible flow. But after that how can it implements on all of above models (Zero to LES).
I found k-omega model for compressible flow in Wilcox and fluent give k-epsilon as well (in fluent).

In most of the literature i found prople are using RANS and LES(conventional) for turbofan and having good results.

It's just confusion between compressible and incompressible. What could be my criteria. I have not found and compile report for turbulence model on turbofan. If any of you have please let me know.

Best Regards,

jola November 21, 2010 18:47

Turbulence modeling for mildly compressible flows is just a simple reformulation of non-compressible turbulence models. Only when you come up to hypersonic flows can it become necessary to model compressible effects on turbulence. You can get more information from the terms that can be neglected in mildly compressible flows if you read the governing equations chapter in my old thesis.

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