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Aleksey Alekseev May 12, 1999 15:38

Inverse problems

>Hello everybody, I am interested in recent bibliography in inverse
>problems (1997-1998-1999) especially 3D flow calculation.

Dear Vincent! Herein, I am sending some recent bibliography (and URLs) re IP (in CFD).

Zhi Vang, Droegemier K. K., White L. and Navon I. M., Application of a New Adjoint Newton Algorithm to the 3-D ARPS Storm Scale Model Using Simulated Data, Monthly Weather Review, v. 125, N. 10, pp. 2460-2478, 1997

Lee, J. Kim and H.Choi, Suboptimal control of turbulent channel flow for drug reduction, J. Fluid Mech., v. 358, pp. 245-258, 1998

Thomas R. Bewley, Roger Temam, and Mohammed Ziane, A general Framework for robust control in fluid mechanics, Physica D 1998, to appear

Joslin R.D. et al, Self-contained, automated methodology for optimal flow control, AIAA J., v. 35, N 5, pp. 816-824, 1997

Soemarwoto B., The Variational Method for Aerodynamic Optimization Using the Navier-Stokes Equations, ICASE Report No. 97-71, 1997.

Alan Carle, Mike Fagan, Lawrence L. Green, Preliminary results from the application of Automated Adjoint Code generation to CFL3D, AIAA-98-4807

My works (2D): Alekseev A.K., On Discrepancy Gradient Calculation at Inflow Temperature Estimation from Outflow Data, Dynamical Systems Identification and Inverse problems -III, Moscow-St.P-B, May-June 1998, pp. 433-443

Alekseev A.K., Freestream Parameters Estimation Using Heat Flux Measurements, AIAA Journal, v. 35, N 7, pp. 1238-1240, (1997) (My report at ICIPE-3).

I shall appreciate any information regarding Inverse Problems in CFD (including your jobs).


Aleksey K. Alekseev

senior researcher Dept. of aerodynamics and heat transfer (016), RSC "ENERGIA", Korolev (Kaliningrad), Moscow region, 141070, RUSSIA

tel. 7-(095)-513-68-19 URL: E-mail:

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