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AndyR November 10, 2010 10:30

Eularian vs Discrete Phase Particle Tracking
I have been at this long enough that my predisposition is to use a discrete phase model (DPM / particle tracking) approach when modeling fuel sprays. However, CFD++ has presented several analyses where the fuel spray is modeled using a eularian mulitphase treatment. Fluent now has a population density model and other tools in their eularian multiphase treatment which allow the second phase to have a detailed size distribution which can change based on the same sort of modeling rules that are applied to DPM particle tracks.

Ultimately both approaches must fall back to various statistical methodologies as neither can explicitly track all the particles which might be generated within a fuel spray.

I have certainly experienced difficulties with DPM modeling where the flow physics require a very fine grid near the injection point to capture boundary layer and shock interaction (scramjets for instance), and then this fine grid results in high droplet volume fractions and DPM source terms get large and the continuum solver becomes unhappy.

So I was hoping for some general discussion of experiences with the eularian approach to fuel injeciton modeling. And would really like to hear if someone has actually directly compared the two approaches on the same problem.

Any feedback is appreciated.

-Andy R

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