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quarkz November 12, 2010 19:44

Simulating a moving airfoil in hovering condition

I tried to simulate a moving airfoil in hovering condition. Initially my fractional step incompressible solver was simulating a moving airfoil in forward flight, with an U infinity=1. The output boundary condition was a convective one.

At 1st, I tried to begin with U infinity=1 and slowly decreasing the value to zero as the simulation proceeds. I rerun the simulation with U infinity=0.5,0.1 and lastly with U infinity=0. I found that for U infinity=0, the simulation has everything zero and it gives an undefined ans when the airfoil starts to move. For U=0.1, there is non zero value but it gives the same result as before when the airfoil moves.

For u=.5 and 1, the simulation run without error but the 2 ans are different in some portions.

Is there anyone who has experience in simulating similar hovering cases? I wonder if I miss out something

Thanks in advance.

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